Auerbach im Vogtland

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Welcome to Auerbach, the Three Towers Town in Vogtland

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Auerbach, mentioned the first time in 1282, is the centre of the east Vogtland. The 43.9 metres high tower of the castle, the towers of the city church "St. Laurentius" and the Catholic church "Zum heiligen Kreuz" stamp the far visible silhouette of the district town with over 20,000 inhabitants.

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Situated at the declivities above the river Göltzsch at the foot of the castle tower from the 12th century, Auerbach offers his guests beside his- tory, relaxation, culture and sport, a well-groomed catering trade and well-equipped accomadations. Some little parks give our city the unmistakable stamp.

You are visiting an area that is surrounded by Germanys second largest connected forest area. One  thing is guaranteed - your optimal relaxation. Through different Vogtland-tours (by car, train, bike or by foot) you can get to know e.g. beauty-spots and cultural-historical objects. Auerbach is the only city in the Vogtland with a gliding field. The Vogtland offers the sport interested holidaymaker tennis  and riding sport grounds, the "Forest Bath Brunn" as well as ski activities.

Altmarkt Auerbach

The annual highlights in Auerbach´s cultural life are the spring festival, the historical Old market festival, the Auerbacher Octoberfest and the traditional Christmas market. Near the city centre you can find the "Göltzschtalgalerie Nicolaikirche".

The restored chapel´s history goes back to the Middle Ages. Now the chapel is used for concerts and exhibitions. The new opened museum offers showcases, which show the 700 years old history. In the centre of attractions there are special varying exhibitions, for those who are interested in culture.

Come to Auerbach and you will be charmed by its beautiful landscape and you will be impressed by its offer variety for your free time.

I promise your visit will be worth it.


City of Auerbach

City Hall
Nicolaistr. 51
085209 Auerbach

Tel.: 03744 8250
Fax: 03744 212585